Monday, April 1, 2013

Biomass plant design

The traditional way of generating electricity from biomass is in most cases based on the direct combustion and the production of steam, which drives a steam turbine, like it is in coal power plants. This technology is now very sophisticated and allows the use of several types of starting materials. Its disadvantage is that it requires relatively high investment costs per unit of output, the overall production efficiency is low, and also provides opportunities for further improvement.

Producing electricity by biomass gasification is a new method. Rather than direct combustion of biomass, gasification process is utilized and the subsequent burning of the gas in the gas turbine. The advantage of this technology is much higher efficiency, because in gasification to 65-70% of the energy contained in the biomass is converted into combustible gas. Investment costs for the construction of gas turbines are relatively low and there are also significant opportunities to improve technology. Although the method provides several advantages gasification is not yet sufficiently developed for it to be able to be used widely.
Plants with biomass gasification consists of the following components:

  •   Apparatus for transport and fuel
  •   Gasification reactor vessel
  •   Gas cleaning and mixing system
  •   Turbine respectively. combustion engine

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